We at Fulton Property Solutions would like to thank you for wanting to work with us!  Before we get started, we want to familiarize you with our agency's prequalification requirements, whether buying your primary residence or if you are purchasing as an investor.  These steps must be taken before we begin showing properties (fax number for submission of these documents will be provided by your real estate professional):



Again, we thank you for wanting to work with us, but do you really know who we are? Well we want to you to know us, as well as get an opportunity to know you better.  Therefore the first step to take before showing properties is to take the time meet you, by phone or in person, to find what your true real estate needs are.  We find that a quick initial phone meeting with one of our professionals goes a long way in truly understanding what your real estate needs.



Showing properties is an act of agency. In other words, whether agreed to in writing or not, when we show you a property, we are acting as your real estate agent.  Therefore, our company requires that agency agreements be in writing before we begin showing properties. There are two types of agency agreements. Exclusive Agency and Non-Exclusive Agency. One of our professionals will be more than happy to explain your choices to you. No matter what type of agency you choose, our professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible service and expertise to you. Your agency agreement also protects you in assuring that we keep all information related to your relationship with us strictly confidential.



Along with a completed agency agreement, we encourage all of our potential buyer clients to obtain pre-approval from an approved lending institution. This step is so important because it helps you in at least three important ways:  1) know your credit worthiness in purchasing a home, 2) how much house you can afford and 3) what programs are available to you depending on your circumstances.  Being armed with this information can save you a great deal of time and streamline your home buying process. Please click on our 'Affiliated Partners' page to see which loan professionals we recommend to get you qualified!

CASH BUYERS: If you are a cash buyer, we require that you submit proof of funds in the form of a bank statement, or a letter from your financial institution signed by a bank officer (must include bank officer contact information). You can be assured that we will keep your information completely confidential



You are now ready to find your dream home, investment home or whatever type of property fits your real estate needs!

Please call us today at 708-283-0641 to discuss partnering with us!