Welcome to Fulton Property Solutions. We are a full service real estate brokerage specializing in REO brokerage and process management, Broker Priced Opinions (BPO's), short sales, real estate marketing and consulting. Our professionals have 20+ years of experience in REO, residential sales, property management and real estate investment. Our staff is experienced, dedicated and ready to serve the needs of our clients.


Fulton Property Solutions has the correct tools and metrics to focus on our client's particular needs. We are dedicated to adhering to the process and criterion of our institutional client's business objectives. We work with new and seasoned investors in both acquisition and disposition of real estate assets. We also provide solutions to distressed homeowners seeking debt relief via short sale and/or other options. Service is our number one priority.


Our professionals at Fulton Property Solutions are available to guide you through often difficult and complex process of purchasing a home.  Let Fulton Property Solutions provide key services to you to help you to find the home of your dreams.


Fulton Property Solutions is recognized as a Neighborhood Listing Broker (NLB) for the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Our brokerage is charged by this government institution to list and market HUD homes in the Cook County and Northern Will County area.  More importantly, we focus on helping potential buyers through entire process of purchasing a HUD home. Our goal is to help potential homeowners, investors, local government agencies and non-profit organizations see how the purchase of a HUD home is wise and viable real estate purchase option.  Please see our 'Education' section to find out about and register for upcoming HUD workshops, seminars and webinars.  Fulton Property Solutions also provides educational services to real estate brokers who want to become experts in representing buyers in the purchase of a HUD home.


Are you in need of disposition of your portfolio of REO assets? Are you an investor seeking to buy or sell? Are you considering a short sale? Are you a first time homebuyer? Considering downsizing? Want to know more about purchasing a HUD home or representing a buyer in purchasing a HUD home? Whatever your situation, please call us at 708-283-0641 or click here to tell us about your unique situation. One of our professionals will be glad to discuss your options with you. We look forward to working with you.


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